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We decided to choose Procruste to promote our African culture, art and values that were amputated during our passage on the bed of Procrustean.  And thus represent a symbol of African culture through fashion to allow us to embrace and accustom ourselves to our origins that have long been characterized negatively.    

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Procruste was in Greek mythology one of the many sons of Poseidon. This young ephebe, nice in appearance, was in reality a brigand who had a rather black hobby. Indeed, he used to capture travelers, tie them to beds and cut off their protruding limbs or stretch them to fit the size of the bed. 


From this comes the expression "a Procrustean bed" which refers to a standardization at the cost of destruction in order to correspond to a single model. To make a Procrustean bed is to standardize the minds, the ways of acting or thinking.   

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History teaches us that there is more than one Procrustean bed. We are all lying on a Procrustean bed to the point of repressing our nature, our origins and even our cultures. 

We want through fashion to give back the place that deserves the African culture in our current society

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