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Comment on the Problems in the Development of Food

Published:2017-04-05 10:53:53Click to rate:


China's food packaging machinery industry in recent years, the achievements are significant, but compared with foreign products there are still 20 years of technology gap. China's existing packaging machinery products are not high technical content, and abroad has been a lot of advanced technology used in packaging machinery, such as long-range remote control technology (including monitoring), stepper motor technology, automatic flexible compensation technology, laser cutting technology , Information processing technology. Most of the domestic production of single-based, and most of the foreign production for supporting, very few stand-alone sales. Product reliability is poor, technology updates are slow, new technology, new technology, less application of new materials. China's food and packaging machinery stand-alone, fewer sets, general models, and more special requirements, special materials, less equipment. Low-tech products, high-tech value-added, high productivity products less; intelligent equipment is still in the development stage. The quality gap between China's food and packaging machinery products is mainly characterized by poor stability and reliability, poor shape, rough appearance, short life of basic parts and fittings, trouble-free operation time is short, overhaul period is short, and the vast majority of products have not yet developed Reliability standards. At present, only 5% of China's food and packaging machinery to foreign countries in the last century 90's level, 20% to 80 years level, 60% to reach the level of foreign 70 years. Compared with the industrialized countries, China's food packaging machinery products less 30% -40%, the technical level behind 20-30 years.

Low level of food packaging machinery industry is repeated regardless of industry development requirements, repeat the production of low cost, relatively low level of technology, easy to manufacture the phenomenon of mechanical products. At present, China's food and packaging machinery market is full of low cost, relatively low level of technology, easy to manufacture mechanical products. Such a market environment if long-term can not be improved, will not be conducive to the upgrading of the entire industry products. Specific and accurate data There is no statistics, the industry is currently about 1/4 of the enterprises there is a low level of duplication of production, about more than 1,000 enterprises in the low level of repeated production.

Technology compared to the primary automatic sealing machine only Wenzhou one place there are more than 100; process simple printer still in the production, thermal coding machine production has been canceled by the state; the use of electric heating pancake machine has been very primitive, But there are still many manufacturers; fried fritters despite the existence of oil filtration and oil change the title of the title, but because there are markets in rural and small towns, there are still manufacturers in the production; filling, glanding machinery and some primary Products are still produced; more primary press production is also continuing. The reasons for the low level of duplication of production are mainly due to the following aspects: low-level product technology content is not high, the manufacturing process is simple, the required investment is less; the enterprise's scientific research and innovation ability is seriously insufficient, the replacement speed is too slow; Of the new products did not apply for patent protection in a timely manner. This low level of repetition, if not controlled, will result in low levels of low-grade products being produced, resulting in a significant waste of resources; and a large number of such products flooding the market, oversupply, causing mechanical market confusion Legitimate intellectual property rights are not effectively protected, hindering the continuous upgrading of industry products and innovation, and ultimately hinder the socio-economic development.

China's food packaging machinery is mainly imitation, mapping, a little domestic improvement, not to mention the development of research. At present, domestic research and development investment less, according to the provisions of technology investment accounted for 3% of sales revenue, but most companies can not. Our development means behind, and now a little better business to carry out the "rejection version of the project", but the real use of CAD is still very little. Product development lack of innovation, difficult level. Production methods behind, most still use the old general equipment processing. New product development is not only a small number, and the development cycle is long. In the enterprise management, often re-production and processing, light research and development, innovation is not enough, can not keep up with market demand in a timely manner to provide products. The majority of enterprise technical staff accounted for the proportion of the total number of employees less than 10%. Only a small number of enterprises can reach an annual output value of more than 50 million yuan scale.

China's food packaging machinery industry, the lack of intellectual property awareness, developed their own new products do not apply for patent protection in a timely manner.

Often a company has just developed a product out of the market soon, other companies soon imitate out, with a kind of equipment products in a short time there are thousands of enterprises at the same time on the market, to the last or even simply can not find who is the Equipment, product developers; or developers even want to pursue other imitation of the responsibility of manufacturers, but also because there is no application for intellectual property protection ultimately had nothing left. China's food packaging machinery products replacement speed is too slow, completely catch up with the low level of flat production speed. Many companies are busy on the existing products to expand the market. Busy imitation and copying of other people's equipment products, do not consider how to upgrade mechanical products, how to achieve technological innovation.

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